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For every business owner, large or small, improving efficiencies is critical to the bottom line. This is especially true for businesses that need continuous linen and towel cleaning, regular uniform services, even floor-mat cleaning.  The big debate, of course, is whether to outsource these types of necessary services, when they can be readily performed in-house, and by employees that are already on a salary.

In fact, today there are a number of benefits to outsourcing, and saving money is actually one of the benefits. Big picture – outsourcing these services makes economic sense. With Mr Linen, all of the equipment and manpower that’s required to maintain linens and towels is removed. There’s no need for cleaning supplies, no exorbitant utility costs, and little or no staff involvement. Best of all, there’s no more pressure on employees. With a company like Mr Linen, clients are assured of quality service, prompt turnaround, and a level of reliability that is unmatched in the industry. Linens, towels, and uniforms are collected, laundered, packaged and delivered – on time, and as promised. And everything is handled under one roof – there are no outside suppliers.

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About us

Best Commercial Laundry Company in Toronto & GTA

For persistent and passionate business owners looking for a time-saving laundry service, Mr. Linen provides an exceptional alternative offering high-quality, and cost-effective solutions for your laundry matters because we believe your business last concern should be to do laundry

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Cost Effectiveness
No need to purchase any cleaning supplies. No need to purchase (or maintain) equipment. No additional costs for water and electricity. Annual service costs offset ongoing in-house costs.
Employee Efficiency
Valuable employee time isn't consumed with laundering linens and/or towels. Staff can focus on the business of doing business - servicing clients and managing day-to-day business affairs.
Quality Cleaning
Mr. Linen washes sanitize and packages everything to ensure the highest standard of cleaning. Expert cleaning staff accommodates any particular client pre-requisites, depending on need.
Service Guarantee
Pickup and delivery are prompt and reliable, ensuring that client schedules are fulfilled. There are NO additional charges with Mr. Linen – every service package is billed at a FLAT RATE.

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Eco Friendly

Our detergents, softeners and all of our laundry products are 100% environmentally friendly. We must make sure all our gas and hydro consumption are essential, avoiding wasting it.

Double Rinse

We use the double rinse technique because we want to make sure that there are no more soap suds so your laundry looks more clean and fresh

Smart Drying

We are aware that using our dryers is not always necessary. We attempt to take care not only of the longevity of your laundry but also of the environment


Our washer and dryer machines increase their temperature to hot high levels to kill 99.9% of bacterias and viruses, giving in this way peace of mind for our customers.

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